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Location: Spain

Reggae Seeds have been developing absolutely pure, original, select and top-quality cannabis since the 90’s. Their medicinal ratios are 1:1 (THC:CBD) are due to  direct  descent,  their feminized seeds don’t accumulate STS, and the crosses come from an exclusive selection of at least 2 years.

Reggae Seeds have managed to win the First prize (Top Quality) at the Cannabis Champions Cup in Europe (Spannabis) for 3 consecutive years, thanks to their indoor cultivation  of the Dancehall and Respect strains.

With Reggae Seeds, you have the opportunity to find  different  kinds  of  plants,  such  as  the famous  Dancehall,  the  most  awarded  plant  throughout  Spain.  The classic Juanita la lagrimosa is considered the most medicinal plant (found so far) by CANNA Research Laboratories in 2010.

Reggae Seeds sell throughout Spain and abroad  through registered growshops and websites.  Accept no imitations and get the real natural medicine only through Reggae Seeds.