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shaman genetics

Location: Spain

After several years of breeding, crosses and genetic changes with growers all over the world and after multiple selections and combinations Shaman Genetics offer all collectors and growers the best genetics from around the world.

The Shaman Genetics range is divided into two parts, 6 feminized strains: The Super, UK Cheese, Marley's Tribute, Public Enemy, Star 99r and Tomahawk and also 6 autoflowering strains: The Super Auto, Hubba Bubba, Kraken Auto, Marley┬┤s Auto and UK Cheese Auto. And our new presentation Trance Mix, where you will find all our autoflowering strains autoflowering varieties +4 test.

All the strains have been tested by many growers both indoors and outdoors and in different latitudes obtaining in most cases 100% germination and fantastic results both in taste and quantity of harvest.