Discover how to use Seedscanner to find cannabis seeds -

How does this work?

At the top of the homepage you can see links to the seed shops that Seedscanner searches.

Seedscanner sends little machine elves out across the internet several times a week to check prices at all of these websites - if they have changed the necessary updates are made so the prices you see are always current.

What can I search for?

Search by strain

If you know the name of the seed you want just put it in the search box. If you find yourself with a lot of results (for example there are 257 results for 'Northern Lights' then you can add breeder names into the search.

So for example you could search for 'Sensi Seeds Northern Lights' which currently shows 21 search results.

Search by breeder

You have a favourite breeder and want to see the best deals across several sites - say Barney's Farm or Dinafem. Just search for them to see all their seeds at the cheapest prices.

Search by area

You’ve probably heard of Thai weed. Well putting 'Thai' into Seedscanner currently brings you 83 results.

'Indian' will bring you something of interest, as will Jamaican, Nepalese, Burmese, Panama, Bhutanese, Vietnam, etc.

Search by any word

Looking for inspiration? You’ll be amazed what seeds are found here. Shit. Bastard. Hash. Pig. Dave. Banana. Purple. Willy. Cheese. Chocolate. Coffee. Sativa. Indica. Money. Tit. You get the idea.

Can you recommend some good seeds?

The Mr Nice Seedbank is held in high regard by many. Sensi Seeds also have a huge following and have been around a long time. Mandala Seeds and Soma Seeds are also considered to be at the top of their game.

What are the best medical seeds?

If you looking for properly tested medical cannabis plants that contain the correct ratios of THC and CBD then there is no other choice than the CBD Crew. They have a range of feminized medical seeds that have been scientifically tested using chromatography machines to guarantee the plants contain what they say they do. Their Mango Haze is apparently very popular for daytime use.

How can I add my site to Seedscanner?

If you run a seed website and would like your listings to appear on then please get in touch!