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og kush

Type: Sativa
Effect: Happy, Uplifting, Motivated
Flowering time: 8-9 weeks
Yield: Medium

Possibly the most inaccurately-named strain of cannabis around, OG Kush nonetheless deserves its reputation as one of the best. For many people struggling with chronic or recurrent health problems, the OG is the only reliable remedy.

Firstly, let’s address the nomenclature: the fact is that no one is quite sure what the OG actually stands for. A common assumption is that it must be “original gangster”, but the evidence does seem to point to “ocean-grown” – and this would fit with the strain’s origins and ubiquity in Southern California. The “Kush” may well be inaccurate too: although it was originally thought to be a hybrid of Chemdawg, Lemon Thai and Old World Pakistani Kush, the truth is that the latter probably represents a fairly small proportion of the blend.

What is beyond doubt is that OG Kush packs a punch way beyond most of the competition. Its buds are extremely sticky and awash with crystals, and the effect garners descriptions ranging from “narcotic” to “euphoric” to “incapacitating”. Many people report an energetic feeling in the wake of inhalation which is consistent with an increase in heart rate, so it isn’t recommended for evening use by anyone who suffers from insomnia; however for those seeking a strong and trance-like high – e.g. those struggling with PTSD or bipolar disorder – it is an excellent choice. It also produces a numbing effect on the body which can make it useful in controlling nausea or chronic pain, hence its popularity as a palliative for those undergoing treatment for serious illness.

As mentioned above, OG Kush is a fickle plant to cultivate, and novice growers are advised to start with something a little less challenging. However, when well-grown it has neon-green leaves, orange/red threads, and dense buds; the yield is low, but the absence of any significant stems makes for an impressively high-quality crop. The aroma is dank and slightly bitter, but the flavour is earthy and surprisingly subtle. Be warned though: even experienced smokers find the effect fairly intense, so I wouldn’t make too many plans for the rest of the day!