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Type: Indica
Effect: Euphoric, Relaxing, Happy
Flowering time: 8-10 weeks

Mmm ... blueberry.

If you are growing Blueberry at first you might wonder where it gets its famous name... since the initial aroma is skunky and not very fruity. But as the plant matures the odour quickly changes, becoming increasingly recognisable as Blueberry, and when finally smoked there is no doubt at all that the nomenclature is correct.

Blueberry is a highly-resinous hybrid strain, originally a blend of “Juicy Fruit” (a Highland Thai) and Oregon Purple Thai, back-crossed with an Afghani Indica. The result is an award-winning connoisseur’s cannabis, admired by those in the know for its unique flavour and attractive lavender colouration.

The mellow and euphoric high is regarded as an excellent antidote to stress and anxiety, but it also works well as a muscle relaxant and pain reliever. It provides a long-lasting hit, which makes it even more popular on the medical marijuana scene.

Blueberry also provides ample opportunity for interesting crosses and strains. Blue Cheese, Blue Haze and Blue Diesel all incorporate the classic Blueberry traits while successfully merging tastes and effects from other strains. And in the auto-flowering world the auto-blueberry has established itself as one of the top tier autos available today. Growing Blueberry is not for the absolute novice: the sturdy, woody stems are difficult to manipulate, and left to its own devices it will tend to grow into a tight, cylindrical shape. As a result, it requires a certain amount of competence when it comes to pruning and training, and nutrient levels need to be monitored carefully to ensure that it is developing properly. But if you reckon your horticultural skills are up to it, the rewards are definitely worth the effort!

When grown properly, the maturing plant should become increasingly purple and violet in colour, and the calyx-to-leaf ratio should be healthy. A serious profusion of resin is one of the hallmarks of the Blueberry strain; but there’s no doubt that it is the amazing flavour which really makes it such a stand-out variety. If you have the patience, experts recommend the “long cure” approach, storing the harvested buds in airtight jars for 6-8 months before smoking. This allows it to develop a complex, delicious flavour which, once tried, is never forgotten.

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