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grand daddy purple

Type: Indica
Effect: Happy, Relaxing, Sleepy
Flowering time: 8-14 weeks

Granddaddy Purple (GDP or “Purp”) is the cannabis strain growers just love to grow.

Highly popular in North California Grandaddy Purple is a cross of Purple Urkle and Big Bud with a high yield. You would have to have a Godzilla level disaster in cultivation to fail to produce a nice crop from this hardy plant. Left to its own devices – and at its optimal temperature of around 70/75 C – it can grow into a sturdy 8-foot shrub; although indoors it will probably reach a maximum of around 3 feet.

If allowed to flower properly (8-9 weeks) the buds develop an attractive purple tinge, and the trichomes are extremely resinous. Its scent is sweet and fruity, and it tastes strongly of grapes; the flavour will linger pleasantly on the palate for some time afterwards. If you’re smoking in the company of non-smoking friends, the subtle potpourri aroma of GDP will definitely be more popular than an eye-watering fug of skunk.

GDP is an unusual example of an Indica, in that the high it produces is alert rather than sedating, and as such it is often recommended for those suffering from depression: it is particularly effective in combination with ecotherapy, where exercise and exposure to the natural environment are employed to improve mood. It also has a proven track record in alleviating the symptoms of migraines, and as an appetite-stimulant for those on appetite-suppressing medication.

Given that it is comparatively easy to cultivate, it is a good choice for those with chronic conditions who want to grow their own supplies: as long as it is adequately hydrated it should produce a healthy yield, and crystal formation should be apparent on every flower. The only drawbacks are that its bushiness and high resin content do make it attractive to mites – so indoors might be the better option – and that its extensive branching makes it unsuitable for Sea of Green cultivation. These caveats aside, there’s no better strain for the home grower.

Alongside it’s reliable and potent high that consistently delivers Granddaddy Purple also has the rare claim to fame of being Snoop Lion’s favourite smoke. We’re not sure you can get much higher praise than that.