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Type: Sativa
Effect: Happy, Creative
Flowering time: 8-9 weeks

If there is a single strain of cannabis renowned for being a “one-hit wonder”, it’s AK47.

Sometimes clocking in at over 20% THC, the fearsome nomenclature seems appropriate; but in truth, for the experienced smoker the AK47 high is a pleasant and sociable affair. Bred to exhibit many of the best attributes of both its Sativa and Indica heritage, there can’t be many hybrids that have picked up awards in both categories at the Cannabis Cup.

The medical uses of AK47 generally rely on its capacity to offer a peaceful buzz and deep level of relaxation, making it ideal for those coping with stress or anxiety. For insomniacs, 1-3 inhalations an hour before bedtime are reckoned to be enough to ensure a noticeably better night’s sleep, and it functions well as a mood-stabiliser for those suffering from bipolar or depression.

AK47 plants tend to be tall, with sizeable calyxes and a seriously pungent odour. The buds are resinous with reddish hairs, but the extent to which they open is dictated by the temperature at which they are grown: if you want the compact, dense buds for which this strain is famous, you should restrict temperatures to below 75 degrees Fahrenheit.

The strain is suitable for either soil or hydroponic cultivation, but it is its capacity to produce impressive yields in the latter medium which marks it out as special. Despite the skunky odour, the taste of AK47 is often described as “fruity”, with a strong cherry note and a hint of lemongrass. The high is immediate and long-lasting, and couchlock is a real possibility; but don’t overdo it and it makes for an excellent stress-buster.