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Type: Sativa
Effect: Happy, Uplifting
Flowering time: 9 weeks

Trainwreck. Where does that name come from?

The story goes that back in the day two brothers had to harvest their plants a little earlier than planned, after a nearby railroad accident threatened to expose the location of their crop: hence the name “Trainwreck”.

Truth be told, it is more likely that the nomenclature is due to the potency of the strain, and its intense cerebral high. Either way, Trainwreck is now a much-loved fixture in the medical marijuana scene, prized for being a Sativa-dominant hybrid with strong pain-killing properties.

Trainwreck is the product of a blend of Lowland Thai, Mexican Sativa and Afghani Indica, and it is known to produce a powerful mind and body high, often with accompanying couchlock. Many people suffering with long-term or chronic illness consider it to be the only strain of cannabis which can alleviate both their mental and physical symptoms, and it is renowned for being effective in relatively small doses. It has a distinctive peppery aroma, but the flavour is earthier, almost spicy, with notes of pine and lemon.

It is generally considered to be fairly smooth to inhale, but does tend to produce a lot of smoke. Although the balance of genetics is usually 90/10 in favour of Sativa, in growth-pattern Trainwreck looks more like an Indica; this bushiness means that is has a pretty high yield, up to 500g (indoors) or 700g (outdoors) from a single plant. It flowers somewhere around the nine-week mark, and the buds emit a potent citrus smell as they are ripening. In its classic form, this strain could be finicky to grow, but over the years it has been refined and improved as an indoor-cultivator and is now one of the most popular breeding plants around; it is a quick grower if fed regularly, and ideal for the Sea of Green method.

The finished plant has long, thin leaves, ‘popcorn’ grey-green buds, and heavy trichome coverage.