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strawberry cough

Type: Mostly Sativa
Effect: Happy, Relaxed, Energised
Flowering time: 8-9 weeks

Strawberry Cough is one of the most talked-about strains of cannabis on the market at the moment.

With its unique strawberry taste and positive, mood-enhancing high, it has really caught the attention of growers and connoisseurs alike. And on the medical marijuana scene it is sought-after for its antiemetic and antianxiety properties, as well as its ability to dull niggling aches and pains. It's even made it's way to Hollywood; this is the weed that Michael Cain is growing in the excellent "Children of Men".

A Sativa-dominant hybrid, Strawberry Cough boasts pale buds with reddish hairs, not especially large but packing a fair old punch nonetheless. The smooth smoke is deceptive, because for all its fruity, natural flavour it does tend to tickle the lungs – hence the “Cough” part of its name. But many an experienced smoker has found that their wheezing quickly becomes giggling due to the pleasant and happy nature of the high. This is the perfect cannabis strain for a little ecotherapy, and we would recommend it to anyone trying to overcome depression without resorting to the SSRI pharmacopeia.  

Growing Strawberry Cough is all about producing a top-quality crop. The yields aren’t high, but then this isn’t a strain for churning out quantity – it’s an aficionado’s cannabis which is both medically useful and a delight to smoke. It’s a branchy purple-hued plant which grows long buds that almost resemble pine-cones, and indoors it usually reaches around 3 foot in height. It doesn’t require anything other than a standard nutrient scheme, and the flowering period is 8-9 weeks (you should notice a growth spurt around the 4-week mark).

One of the dangers of cultivating Strawberry Cough is that you might find yourself taking endless pictures of your plants and posting them online, because it is one of the most attractive strains of marijuana you can find: just try not to be too upset when you have to harvest it!