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amnesia haze

Type: Sativa
Effect: Euphoric, Uplifting
Flowering time: 10-12 weeks
Yield: High

The Overall Winner at the 2004 Cannabis Cup, Amnesia Haze is a classic haze, with its sativa-dominant genetics and uplifting, psychedelic high. Often regarded as a connoisseur’s cannabis rather than a commercial crop, it does have a long flowering time and can therefore be off-putting to the impatient grower. But if you are prepared to put a bit of effort into ensuring that your plants are healthy and robust, this will be one of the most rewarding strains you will ever harvest.

Amnesia Haze is popular in medical marijuana circles because it provides a clean, cerebral high: ideal for treating migraines or reducing stress. In some users it does cause paranoia or anxiety, and so doesn’t work for everyone, but for many people it is the best way of alleviating symptoms without the heavy physical stone that accompanies some of the other more potent strains. It is also regarded as having a positive creative effect, with a reputation for inspiring free-thinking and artistic endeavours; the side effect of this is that it can be difficult to stop the ideas flowing, making it less effective in treating insomnia than some other varieties of cannabis.

Although Amnesia Haze will produce an extremely high yield when grown properly, getting the cultivation right can be a tricky business. It isn’t really one for the novice grower. Outdoors it will grow well in hot climates, but it isn’t the hardiest of plants and will respond badly to pests or mould. It is suitable for hydroponic or soil cultivation, and does okay in a see of green set-up, but the 12-week flowering period demands a little patience.

If you have the skills, however, you can get yourself an amazing crop. The buds are so dense and sticky that a grinder is pretty much essential to collect all the kief Amnesia Haze produces, and as it is ground you release the lemony, peppery aroma which might not have been noticeable beforehand. Smoking it will reveal hidden depths of flavour, as well as packing a considerable punch which lasts for a long – and enjoyable – time.