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Type: Indica
Effect: Happy, sleepy
Flowering time: 8-9 weeks
Yield: High

The force is strong with this one. (Sorry, we had to get the Star Wars reference out of the way early on). But Skywalker trades on more than just its famous name, being the offshoot of two classic strains: Blueberry and Mazar. From the former, Skywalker takes its fruity aroma and berrylicious flavour; from the latter it has inherited a resilience which makes it a favourite with growers.

Skywalker's popularity as a medical marijuana is based on its potency and quick-acting effect, making it a favourite amongst those who use cannabis to address chronic pain or migraines; the high is long-lasting and euphoric from start to finish, an ideal combination for those with acute or recurrent symptoms. Many people swear by Skywalker as a way of coping with insomnia, and there is no doubt that it offers excellent sedative effects without the day-after grogginess that can sometimes be a problem for the regular user.

If you are cultivating Skywalker you will undoubtedly notice the influence of the Mazar genetics. Like the hardy Afghan original, it’s a tough cookie, and it adapts well to an indoor growing environment. It tends to be stocky and shrub-like, flowering in 8/9 weeks, and has none of the initial reluctance to grow that you would expect from the Blueberry family. (Sea of Green cultivation is definitely an option).

The harvested buds are a joy to behold, with golden/orange threads and a sparkly covering of trichomes, and the sweet smell contains a slight minty overtone which is fresh and pleasant. The distinctive Blueberry flavour makes it an enjoyable smoke, and it has a noticeable lavender aftertaste which leaves the palate feeling cleansed. All in all, it is a marijuana strain that definitely deserves a closer Luke. (Sorry. We promise that’s the last Star Wars pun for today).