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northern lights

Type: Indica
Effect: Social, Uplifting, Happy
Flowering time: 45-50 days
Yield: High

It’s probably the most famous Indica cannabis strain on the planet, and everyone has heard of Northern Lights.

However what most people don’t realise is that it is a hybrid, with a small amount of Sativa genetic material which can manifest itself in the occasional non-Indica phenotype.

The lasting popularity of Northern Lights amongst smokers is undoubtedly due to its potency and unparalleled body high, but for growers it is treasured for its capacity to produce amazing hybrid offspring, and the positive way it responds to hydroponic cultivation. This makes it ideal for experimentation, which is why it has always been at the forefront of the medical marijuana scene.

There are many variants on the Northern Lights theme, all are known for their citrus aroma, crystal-rich buds, and strong painkilling qualities. Some crosses have developed into highly prized strains on their own strength. While such a potent Indica is ideal for physical symptoms, it is also highly-regarded as a treatment for stress or depression; its mood-enhancing qualities are legendary, described by some as “euphoric” in nature, although it isn’t necessarily conducive to a day of task-achievement. Save it for an evening of relaxation and stress-relief.

Northern Lights is relatively easy to grow, offering a quick flowering time and good yield. It is well-adapted to the challenges of indoor cultivation, and often displays resistance to mites and other pests. In a Sea of Green set-up it will thrive, but the yield will increase in proportion to the amount of light it gets, and to the amount of room it has to grow. Outdoors, larger stand-alone plants can produce bigger crops, but only in warm climates with a September harvest.

Wherever you cultivate your Northern Lights plant, you are making use of a strain which has won the Cannabis Cup Indica category more than any other. A champion, in other words, and you should treat it as such!