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sweet tooth

Type: Sativa / Indica
Effect: Uplifting, Euphoric
Flowering time: 9-10 weeks
Yield: High

As soon as you try Sweet Tooth, you understand why it has such a delicious name. The honey flavour is indeed pure confectionary goodness, with a syrupy, lingering aftertaste which makes you come back for more. However it might surprise you to learn that it originally gained its moniker because of the sugary appearance of its thick trichome coverage, rather than its delightful taste.

Sweet Tooth grows in tight, dense buds, and as a result it squeezes a lot of punch into what appears to be a modestly-sized package. The high is dreamy and euphoric, so the couch-lock kind of creeps up on you… Don’t make too many plans for the next hour or two, that’s our advice.

As well as being popular with cannabis aficionados, those who are accessing the strain for medicinal purposes report that it is ideal for reducing stress and coping with anxiety. Due to its sedative effects it isn’t recommended for all-day use, but for end-of-day pain relief or relaxation purposes it’s pretty hard to beat. Because it offers long-lasting analgesia, it is ideal for use by those recovering from surgery or injury.

Growers find Sweet Tooth to be an extremely reliable strain, high-yielding and reasonably resistant to mould. The genetics are a hybrid of Hawaiian Sativa and Afghan/Nepali Indica, and the excellent balance of this blend has won it many admirers (and numerous awards). It does take up a fair bit of space, mind you, with extensive branching around the edges, so don’t try to raise it in a shoebox! But given the room it requires and enough time to properly mature – we would suggest a full nine or ten weeks – it ought to produce those beautiful, crystally buds.

Outdoors it should be harvested around the end of September, and with optimal growing conditions it can produce up to 20% THC content. It doesn’t require anything beyond the standard nutrient diet, and is one top-grade strain that the novice grower can cultivate without fear.