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Type: Indica
Effect: Creative, Euphoric, Energetic
Flowering time: 9 weeks

There is some debate about the specific lineage of the Headband strain, leading to some suggestions that it should be classed as a Sativa; but the truth is that it is an Indica-dominant hybrid, with genetic input from Sour Diesel, OG Kush and Master Kush.

The aroma of the buds is invigorating and medicinal, with heavy pine and lanolin notes; the flavour is an impressive blend of citrus and kerosene, with a lingering aftertaste of eucalyptus. To experience the full effect, go for soil-grown plants: they tend to pack an extra punch in the taste department.

Headband is a potent and lon-lasting smoke that has been described as a “heavy hybrid”, in that it has the effect of clouding your thought processes right up – so probably not one for smoking at your lunch break (unless you have nothing to do all afternoon). On the other hand it doesn’t leave you feeling tired or worn out, as the purer Indicas are wont to do.

For those who use medical marijuana to treat anxiety, Headband is well worth trying: it is fairly long-lasting; it quickly instigates a feeling of deep relaxation; and the high shouldn’t be too overpowering. For growers, Headband is a good compromise on height and width, producing a bushy, compact plant which doesn’t require the constant stream of nutrients that its taller (Sour Diesel) or more expansive (OG Kush) cousins demand. In the final two weeks of ripening you can expect a flourish of colour from your plants, giving them an attractively autumnal look to accompany the foresty odour.

The yields are reasonable whichever growing method you choose, with flowering at roughly 9-10 weeks, and it clones easily. But odour control is recommended, because this is a pungent strain from the get-go. And yes: the name makes us think of John McEnroe too…