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blue dream

Type: Sativa / Indica
Effect: Euphoric, Creative, Uplifting
Flowering time: 9 weeks

Anyone who is familiar with the West Coast medical marijuana market will know about Blue Dream by its the fruit and forest aroma.

It's a nicely-balanced Sativa/Indica strain with the fruity flavour and pine-needle scent. Usually boasting a 15-20% THC content, it is renowned for offering a relaxed high which starts in the head but then melts into the body. Originating in Santa Cruz, California, Blue Dream is a Blueberry-Haze hybrid, and was developed with the intention of providing a long-lasting but non-sedative effect: ideal for daytime analgesic use.

Although a popular plant for indoor cultivation, Blue Dream is probably at its most prolific when grown outdoors. However it is every bit as popular with spider mites as it is with its human enthusiasts, so in order to reach the optimal return of 900g per square yard you will either need to remain extra-vigilant, or bring it inside.

The two main medicinal uses for Blue Dream are as a mild painkiller, and to reduce low-level anxiety. Because it is long-lasting but does not have a potent sedative effect, it is ideal for regular use; plus it represents a cost-effective way of dealing with persistent but manageable symptoms.

The reason it has such a noticeable pine scent is that it is high in alpha-pinene, an organic compound from the terpene family. This essential oil is known to help increase airflow into the lungs, and may also protect some of the neurotransmitters involved in memory formation, both of which would offset some of the negative side-effects of regular cannabis use.

Further research is being conducted on the interaction between THC, CBD and alpha-pinene, but the preliminary findings would seem to suggest that they function in a synergistic fashion to increase the medicinal properties of this popular strain.

The Blue Dream plant is notable for its long, skinny leaves and orange pistils. The buds are dense and – if grown properly – covered with an abundance of sticky trichomes. When smoked they have a mild blueberry taste which hints of the plant’s origin, with a pungent nutmeg flavour on exhalation. A long lasting and very satisfying high inevitably follows.