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green crack

Type: Indica/Sativa
Effect: Energetic, Euphoric
Flowering time: 8-9 weeks

Don’t be fooled by the name: Green Crack is very definitely a type of cannabis.

Popular in California for medical use, it actually originated in Georgia, where it was known as Cush (with a “C”, rather than a “K”). An oft-encountered urban myth claims that it was originally created by Snoop Lion / Dogg, but at best this is a serious exaggeration: he may have been responsible for renaming the strain once it reached the West Coast, but he certainly wasn’t involved in its development.

The original blend (probably a hybrid of Skunk No 1 and Sweet Leaf Indica) was apparently a happy accident, since when it has been a popular “clone-only” plant because of its unusual array of positive attributes: it flowers rapidly (roughly 7 weeks); it has an energetic, Sativa-style high; it is relatively strong; and it tastes sweetly of mango and lemon.

Green Crack is the ideal medical marijuana for daytime use because it has an immediate and uplifting high, with little danger of “couchlock”. The fruity flavour makes it a pleasant smoke for those who might be put off by an earthier, skunkier variety, and it is rarely associated with the lingering tiredness that can accompany other strains.

As a mood-enhancer which doesn’t cause sluggishness, Green Crack is often recommended for the treatment of depression; however it has also been shown to be useful in suppressing headaches or feelings of nausea, so it is a handy resource to have in a range of situations. Growing Green Crack is comparatively easy, and it responds well to either hydroponic or soil cultivation.

The yield is good, especially considering its remarkably short flowering time, and it is ideal for Sea of Green gardening. (The only drawback is that as a clone-only strain, finding a viable cutting can be a challenge). If done well the trichomes should sparkle with crystals, and the buds should be a bright green colour.

The plants are tall – as you would expect of anything with so many Sativa genes – and after harvesting it makes sense to take the time to cure the buds properly: don’t let your impatience take the edge off the lovely tropical taste!