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bubba kush

Type: Indica
Effect: Relaxing, Sleepy
Flowering time: 8-9 weeks
Yield: Medium

When grown properly, Bubba Kush buds are so heavily coated in crystals that it looks like Christmas has come early.

A blend of Bubble Gum and Hindu Kush, this strain of cannabis is a classic Indica, with the couchlock setting turned up to eleven. The appealing aroma – sweet and almost perfumey – adds to the charm, and the flavour is tangy and very pleasant; the high starts in the head and quickly migrates through the body, leaving a relaxed and sleepy sensation with occasional bursts of energy.

Dizziness can be a problem for those who overmedicate with Bubba Kush, but when used sensibly it works well to dull chronic pain and reduce anxiety. Many insomnia sufferers report significant improvements in their sleep patterns after evening use, and its appetite-stimulating properties are legendary, making it a useful combination medication for those on appetite-suppressing drugs. There is also some evidence that it can help with eating disorders, although this requires further research to establish whether the gains are temporary or longer-lasting.

For growers, Bubba Kush is often considered a Sea of Green plant; indoors it can yield up to 800g per square meter, growing thick, squat and bushy in the traditional Indica style. It isn’t the easiest strain to get right, so not recommended for absolute novices, but with care and attention it should produce impressive trichome coverage. It requires regular watering – and mites are always a danger – so it’s a plant that requires a bit of dedication, but it will repay your efforts with a high-quality crop at the end of the day.

If you are trying to cultivate Bubba Kush for the first time, don’t be too concerned if it seems to be progressing more slowly than you had expected: it can be a late-developer, and in fact it might benefit from being kept in its vegetative state for a slightly extended period in order to maximise flower growth.
It's worth the wait.