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purple kush

Type: Indica
Effect: Happy, Euphoric, Munchies
Flowering time: 8 weeks

Purple Kush is an elite strain of Indica, pleasing on the eye and potent to smoke.

Amongst insomniacs it is prized for its highly sedative effects, making it one of the most sought-after types of cannabis on the medical marijuana scene. It is also popular with growers, because it can be cultivated indoors or outdoors, and works well in a Sea of Green set-up.

The first thing you notice about Purple Kush buds is the deep colour: it certainly deserves its name. The aroma is also pungent, with a dank, skunky odour laced with pine and fruit. When smoked, it releases a distinctive hash-like flavour; it is also surprisingly smooth, possibly due to the presence of natural bronchodilators.

Originating in Oakland, California, it is a blend of Hindu Kush and Purple Afghani which grows outwards as much as it does upwards, producing compact, dense buds and developing from dark green to purple as it matures. It flowers around 8 weeks, whether grown indoors or outdoors; if it doesn’t seem to be darkening to the colours it is supposed to attain, the addition of a little nitrogen-based fertiliser should do the trick. (Just don’t overdo it!)

The effects of Purple Kush are long-lasting and heavy, so it isn’t recommended for regular daytime use. For those suffering from chronic pain or inflammation, however, it is the ideal way to suppress symptoms and enable sleep (although it is also a fearsome appetite-stimulant, so it can lead to weight gain with long-term use). It is increasingly popular with those coping with depression and anxiety, because its quasi-narcotic effect is a reliably effective stress-reducer – but it is not a sociable smoke, so not recommended for those with isolation issues.