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white widow

Type: Sativa / Indica
Effect:  Euphoric, Upifting
Flowering time: 50-65 days

White Widow is without doubt one of the most successful commercial cannabis strains of all time.

Originating in the Netherlands in the 90s, this Sativa-Indica hybrid shot to immediate fame when it won the Cannabis Cup in 1995. The sheer quantity of frosty trichomes on every bud lend it its distinctive wintry appearance; and as well as packing a decent punch when it comes to THC, it also pleases growers everywhere by being a hardy and reliable crop.

The effects of White Widow are generally considered to be powerful but not overly foggy, offering an energetic and creative high with excellent stress-reducing properties. The spicy aroma suggests that it will have a pungent flavour, but actually it has a subtle, clean taste which makes for an extraordinarily smooth smoke. The aftertaste may have notes of lemon and sweetness, but there is none of the dank muskiness you might have anticipated.

One of the reasons that White Widow remains so popular in the Netherlands is that it grows well in Northern European conditions: it’s a hardy plant, highly resistant to both mould and colder weather. It does need a lot of light, but as long as you bear that in mind it should provide a decent yield with excellent trichome coverage. Indoors, it is an 8-9 week flowering strain.

White widow also provides ample potential for crosses and auto flowering variants. Strains such as White Cheese (or Cheese Widow if you prefer), White Gold and White Haze mix the strong genetics of the original Widow with complementary strains to create a huge range of tastes and effects.

Because of its active and euphoric high, White Widow is not recommended for sedation purposes. The main medical uses are for stress, PMS, PTSD and migraines; when used in moderation it rarely produces paranoia or anxiety, as might a pure Sativa with such a high THC content. But be warned: it is such a smooth and uplifting smoke that it’s easy to miscalculate the amount you’ve had, and underestimating the strength of this potent plant could prove to be a mistake!